Studs and Students June Newsletter

The latest news and updates from your favorite neighborhood helpers!

Hi Neighbor!

On behalf of everyone at S&S, welcome to the first edition of the Studs and Students Newsletter! Our team has been back at it for about 3 weeks now, so stay tuned for some updates. Each month, this newsletter will highlight:

  1. Our recent projects- what we’ve been working on recently

  2. A student spotlight- a Stud who has been on their academic grind

  3. A select service- a special service that will be discounted for the month!

If you know of anyone that might want to hear about us feel free to spread the word :)

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🏗 Recent Projects

Stone Work

For the past few weeks we have been working on laying cobblestone and bluestone with the Novins’s (thank you Jeff and Susan)! It’s heavy lifting but the end product is a fantastic addition to your yard (see the above picture). If you’re looking to add a stone walkway or small patio to add some character and a fun outdoor space we’re here to help 💪


As the weather turns to 80 and sunny we welcome some Summertime smells: burgers on the grill, night-time fire-pits, and the fresh mulch in the air! Adding mulch is a great way to add some color to your yard, hide weeds and feed your plants. Since we’ve started back up we’ve added mulch to 4 homes, reach out to be next!

Edging and Routine Maintenance

Is your yard looking a little worn after the harsh winter? Add back some definition to your beds with some edging and mowing. We can come by once or on a regular basis to tend to your lawn and beds! See the picture below for our edging (thank you Mackie McKean)!

Student Spotlight

Our Student Spotlight this month is John Hillmer! John has been thriving on and off the job this summer. While still full dedicated to Studs and Students, John has started an internship at UBS Financial Services at their Hingham Street Partners branch. He is also taking a taking a summer finance course and has been killing it in the classroom. Keep up the great work, John!

Select Service

Each month, we will highlight a specific service that we want to highlight. If you mention this newsletter, you will get 10% of that service all month long! For June 2021, our select service is power-washing.

We’ve encountered some dirty patios, decks and driveways on the job this year, and there’s nothing better than getting a good power-washing to clear off that dirt. We can get your patio or deck looking brand new!

Thanks For Reading!

Please find us online at, email us at, or call us at 617-699-8035 if you would like a free estimate! If you have any feedback or suggestions please also feel free to reach out or simply reply to this email.

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